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How to save on Car Repairs

Car Repair cost could vary from a small amount till few thousand dollars.
It depends on the nature of repair.

The best way to prevent is to do regular maintenance and even small things like Oil Changes and Keeping correct tyre pressure.

Still sometimes due to usage you may have to do Car Repairs. Lets explore below points to save on Car Repairs.

1. How much its going to Cost ?

You can start shopping around some good auto repair shop. If its crossing few hundred dollars it makes to take estimate from at least couple of shops.

2. Based on estimate , Search internet for the parts involved in Repair

Check actual part cost on websites like

3. Based on your research if you find like parts are costing less then you can go back to repair shop do some more negotiation in case you bring the part if the cost can be brought down.

4. Very important point to note you need to order exact part if you are going to buy the same .

5. Its also important to read through reviews of the auto shop before you decide to choose one.


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