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Affordable Sports Cars for Students

3 Affordable Sports Cars For Highschool / College Students You're out of middle school and dreaming about having your own car, you already got your license, but you still got an issue where you don't have enough money for the latest Brand New sports car. Acura RSX Type S (2002 - 2006) Via Gus R. The fourth-gen Acura RSX Type S, also known as a renamed Integra, comes with something less modern cars today have; a manual gearbox. It even comes with leather seats, which at its time was a rare occurrence. The RSX Type S pushes out a comfortable 200hp, meaning parents don't have to worry as much about speeding tickets, while their teens still get to enjoy driving. Toyota Supra (1987 - 1991) Via ThatDudeinBlue Yes, that's right. It's possible to get your hands on the Legendary Supra for just under $10,000. Although it's not the fourth-gen body style we all fell in love with, the third generation supra still comes with the iconic 1JZ inline-six

How to save on Car Repairs

Car Repair cost could vary from a small amount till few thousand dollars. It depends on the nature of repair. The best way to prevent is to do regular maintenance and even small things like Oil Changes and Keeping correct tyre pressure. Still sometimes due to usage you may have to do Car Repairs. Lets explore below points to save on Car Repairs. 1. How much its going to Cost ? You can start shopping around some good auto repair shop. If its crossing few hundred dollars it makes to take estimate from at least couple of shops. 2. Based on estimate , Search internet for the parts involved in Repair Check actual part cost on websites like 3. Based on your research if you find like parts are costing less then you can go back to repair shop do some more negotiation in case you bring the part if the cost can be brought down. 4. Very important point to note you need to order exact part if you are going to buy the same

Car Buying Process - Extended Warranty

New Car Buying Process - Extended Warranty While you are almost done with buying a new Car . One of last step at Car Dealership would be deciding about Extended Warranty . There is no doubt you will get an attractive offer from the Dealership. But you as owner of the car  who is going to pay this amount most probably included in Loan need to give a thought about it . The parameters like Tenure / Price of Warranty and also how long you may drive same model. For a brand new car it makes sense to go for Extended Warranty , But the obvious question comes at mind , How much is the right amount to spend for ? Compare and negotiate  its very important  to negotiate while buying extended warranty of the car and most likely you are going to get for less than $1000 for 5-6 years upto 60k miles . It still depends on the make and model .  Lets assume you are buying Sedan / Suv from Brands like Honda / Toyota / Hyundai / Mazda or Ford , You can very well expect the price quote around s